Tuesday, December 12

Unique Christmas Gifts to Give

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Thinking of giving your loved one more than a Christmas card this holiday seasons? Well, here is a fine list of random gifts that will definitely send the receiver leaping into the New Year. Gifts are indispensible things that convey our love and care to the one who whom we give it. However, oftentimes, gifts that come in fancy wraps are not that surprising anymore so that naturally a giver will look for ways to send something that is unique and memorable. Enjoy choosing!

Books– You may think that this is already an ancient type of present for modern aged people. But books as gifts are never boring especially when you are wise enough to pick one that will suit the personality of the receiver. To make a difference, select a book with exceptional content like one that tells jokes, sayings, interesting facts, word games and puzzles.

A Smartphone– Well, this may put a hole in your pocket but who cares as long as you put that smile in his or her face? Smartphones are trendy nowadays. Models differ but they offer the receiver ample help especially when he/she is on a business. Sending and receiving emails, editing documents- you name it! It’s all in that small mobile.

Waterproof mp3-Cool huh? Not until you have used it underwater. Music is a therapeutic medicine that heals a bad mood, more so when waterproof mp3s allow you to listen to it while on water. This is ideal for swimmers and divers who are music lovers themselves.

Outdoor furniture-How about a fire pit or a patio heater? Heard of those? They are quite helpful and elegant items that a friend can use all year round. It may be hard to wrap them in a paper but these will surely a memory that a receiver will cherish.

Leather binderLeather binders are ideal for professional purposes. Important receipts as well as notes can be placed in this beautiful binder with leather covering to protect it from damage. 

RC Airplanes– Remote controlled planes are indeed expensive but they can bring utmost joy to a child and even an adult. Christmas may be the best gift to surprise your loved one with this luxury.

Indigenous gifts-How about a hat or a bag made of grass blades or roots from plants? Think of wicker products for example. With all the artificial materials this world has made, it would be a refreshing experience to receive something natural.

A Pet The Lady and the Tramp movie is an example of how wonderful gifts pets are. Just imagine receiving a litter of cute terriers! But aside from dogs, you can deviate from traditional pets to exotic ones like a Chinchilla for example. These playful pets can make an owner jump for joy.

However, with all the shiny and alluring gifts available in the market, it is still worth to keep in mind that they do not amount to the greatest gift of all which is love. No matter how corny or uncomfortable you may be to some, a simple hug or a kiss is enough. But of course if you can afford to couple it with the items mentioned above, why not? Besides, Christmas time comes once in a year only and you have a maximum period of 364 days to save for it, right?     


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