Friday, December 15

The Perfect Date

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Ask a woman what the perfect date is and the answer will probably run along the lines of a nice evening out with a leisurely dinner and good conversation. Maybe followed by a nice moonlit walk hand in hand with her handsome man. Stopping for a drink or desert and more conversation/flirting. In other words a slow romantic build up that may or may not lead to something more intimate.

Ask a guy that same question and the answer is pretty obvious, particularly when he’s talking to his friends. Did he get to do the horizontal tango.

Which just goes to show that a man and a woman at the same place and time sharing the same experience are thinking two different things.

So then the question becomes does the perfect date exist exist? Probably only in our minds as we map out how we would like it to go, but reality has a way of screwing with even the best laid plans.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t try to have the perfect date. And it doesn’t have to be a one time thing because lets face it, the whole purpose of a first date (unless things go horribly wrong) is to have a second date and many after that. And while not every date will be perfect or as good as the one before it, with a little planning and advice there’s no reason we can’t shoot for that high a standard every time.


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