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Top Five Basic Kitchen Tools You Must Have

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When you are just starting out on your own and you have discovered a fondness for cooking but don’t have much idea on what cooking equipment you need to invest in, here are some recommendations for the first basic kitchen tools you will need. Later, as you progress and level-up your cooking skill, you will purchase other kitchen tools. Here are the five essential kitchen equipments you must have for a start:

A knife

This is one very basic tool simply because you will not be able to slice or chop anything without a knife. A dependable, sharp knife will go a long way to facilitate your food preparation. When you shop for a knife, make sure to hold the knives to test which one you will be comfortable to use.

The Chopping Board

This basic equipment is also very important in a kitchen because you cannot chop or cut up most kinds of food items without the chopping board. It’s versatility allows you chop almost anything on it – meat, onions, tomatoes, potatoes, herbs, etc.

Some people prefer to get different chopping boards for meat, vegetables, dairy items, etc (and this is very much recommended to avoid bacteria contamination). Other people buy various sizes of chopping boards, used according to the volume of food items they need to chop. For starters, you can have a single chopping board. You’ll modify later.

A sauté pan

Sauté pans, are among the most used pans in the kitchen. In fact they’re used almost all the time. They are very versatile–from cooking pancakes, eggs, stir fries, sautéing meat and fish, preparing sauces, cooking vegetables, and a whole lot more. To maximize its use, get the ones without plastic or wooden handles, so you can put the pan in the oven as well.

A big pot

You will need a pot for just about anything – from making soups, boiling pastas to cooking stews and many other dishes. Some pots are packaged with colander inserts, to make pasta cooking easier. You may also opt to buy a colander separately.

A Roasting Pan

You will need a roasting pan for cooking food in the oven. With this you can roast, meat, vegetables, chicken and other poultry, and all your other favorite roasted dishes.

There’s nothing really to be afraid about cooking- it is, in fact, fun. Now that you know the basic equipment, you may start setting up your collection and adjust later as your needs grow.


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