Tuesday, December 12

The Gifts And Blessings

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Have you ever wondered what really is meant of “Gifts”? Well, many said that is it something that you give with all your heart and/or generosity. People tend to look it that way and others seem to give for the purpose of a return favor or other intentions.

Real “Gifts” are given with a purpose to give and with no return which can bring a receiver’s happiness for that “gift” you had given. Actually, many of us never realize that we’re receiving gifts in everyday life. You just need to look everything that has value and blessings.

The Gifts that I would like to share with you are the following:

1.       The Gift of GOD – Jesus was the greatest and the best gift to us by GOD and was sent down in heaven to save us.

2.       The Gift of Life – this is the most precious gift that we had and whatever happens just always choose “Life”. This goes all the aspects in living for the great purpose.

3.       The Gift of Listening – a gift that you just need to listen to your friend, spouse, children, any person, never interrupt or planning for you to response in any way.

4.       The Gift of Affection – This includes the ways like hugs, kisses, cuddling, and encouragement.

5.       The Gift of Understanding – An emphatic communication and listening will always have a good result.  True value, life’s essence and mind greatness. The more you understand the better person you are.

6.       The Gift of Hope – There is always hope even in the times of failures and struggles. Hope will never be Hopeless.

7.        The Gift of Love – includes the affection, Hope, and understanding.

8.         The Gift of Laugther – Everybody needs to Laugh, a gift of sharing funny stories.

There are so many “Gifts” that we already had in Life and to share with others. The greatest Gift is not to be seen but to be felt. Everybody is a blessing to be a gift for others even to the extent that no feeling is involve. Just believe.

And Believe in our Heavenly Father and accept the Gift of greatness say “Jesus, I believe, trust, and I accept you as my Saviour” and you’ll receive a new Life.


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