Tuesday, December 12

Red Ribbon War of The Globe

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Humanity today is at a great war- a Red Ribbon War against the deadly disease AIDS. It is spreading fast all over the world at an alarming speed, especially in the developing countries.

A concern of all

Globalization and consumerism have shrunk the world today. Commercialism has made human contact faster. So also spread diseases. AIDS is spreading like an epidemic, increasing complicated problems every day. So far AIDS has been seen as “someone else’s problem” and there has been a mentality all over the world that AIDS is something that affects only people living on the margins of society, whose lifestyles are considered immoral. But AIDS is intruding into every stage of life contracting in so many ways. Science world has not yet found out suitable medicines so far.

What is AIDS?

AIDS, which stands for ‘Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome’, is a deadly disease that occurs due to the collection of symptoms and infections associated with acquired deficiency of the immune system. Infection with the virus called HIV has been established as the underlying cause of AIDS. The level of HIV present in the body and the appearance of certain infections are used as symptoms that HIV infection has progressed to AIDS. According to a report from the UNAIDS, 33.4 million people are estimated to be living with HIV.

The struggling medical world

The medical world is seriously on the track of finding curable and reliable solutions for AIDS. Hope of finding out an AIDS vaccine is still a dream. According to a report from the New England Journal of Medicine the available vaccines are not yet enough to protect those who are at high risk of HIV infection, people like sex workers and intravenous drug users. To make the situation worse extramarital relations and drug addictions are steadily on the increase in the modern life, resulting in faster spread of HIV.

Hence it is now clear that we have still to go a long way in our attempts in arresting this evil monster.

What can we do to check this dangerous menace?

1) Awareness education

We have to educate all, including children about the dangers of AIDS. Negative attitudes even from health care staff have generated anxiety and fear among many people living with HIV and AIDS. This shows the importance of proper awareness about AIDS. Spreading the message and awareness only can prevent new infections.

2) Remove the AIDS stigma

There is a misunderstanding that AIDS affects only immoral people. Because of this stigma, people living with HIV have faced violent attacks, been rejected by families, spouses and communities, been refused medical treatment, and even, in some reported cases, denied the last rites before and after they die. This discrimination has been a great hindrance to the efforts to prevent new infections.

3) Prevention is better than cure

Programs and projects can be conducted to prevent the spread of this disease. Distribution of condoms to enable sex safe and distribution of needles for protection from HIV infection may be adapted.

4) Rehabilitation programs

Creating a positive and humanitarian outlook on about those who are affected is a very necessary attitude in treatment. Children living with HIV should be rehabilitated and cared properly which will also help from further deterioration. These children fall sick frequently and need special care and attention.

5) Responsible cooperation from all

Awareness should be created in all levels. The activists, policy makers, health professionals and fund raisers involved in the global war against AIDS should come together in focusing their efforts.

Families are affected and destroyed by AIDS. Only through families this disease can be prevented. It is in the families that people can learn about the importance of being faithful, loving and responsible for their sexuality. Prevention and care can only save the frightened humanity from the cruel clutches of AIDS. 


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