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Hardiplank in Houston: What is Hardiplank?

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More and more Texas homeowners have been opting to use Hardiplank in Houston residences. But before you make the same decision, do you know what makes Hardiplank such a popular option for exterior siding?

As a siding material, the Hardiplank used in Houston homes is actually a brand of fiber cement siding manufactured exclusively by James Hardie Building Products. Fiber cement has been used as siding material for decades, with the company pioneering the development of the technology back in the mid-1980s.

Hardiplank is used by Houston homeowners because it’s indiscernible from actual wood and yet does not have any of its cons. Hardiplank is, first and foremost, impact and fire resistant, making it ideal for hot, humid climates and areas that may experience hurricanes. Furthermore, Hardiplank is used in Houston residences because it does not rot, warp or delaminate: the most common causes for having siding repairs or replacements done. Aside from this its warranty also includes resistance to hail and high winds, a major benefit should winter weather ever turn severe.

Homeowners worried about the possibility of termite infestation will also be glad to learn that Hardiplank in Houston is bug resistant. Since it’s made from a mixture of wood fibers and cement, it does not attract termites and other insects the way a completely organic material like wood does.

Using Hardiplank in Houston is also beneficial to the environment as it’s considered “Green and sustainable” by industry professionals. As a material, Hardiplank does not use any endangered or limited materials like hard wood, or contain any toxic materials that are considered as harmful to you and the environment like vinyl. In comparison, Hardiplank used in Houston homes only contains wood pulp, cement, water and sand, raw materials that can easily be found. At the same time, Hardiplank is designed in such a way that it lasts longer than other siding materials.


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