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The Warriors Way Movie

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The Warrior’s Way

“Assassin Hero and Legend”

If you like western movies and ninja movies The warrior’s way an English Language action Fantasy Film. This movie is gonna be Epic

Plot: An Asian Assassin force to hide in a small town – Badlands American Desert from group of fearless Ninja Assassin. Korean actor Jang Dong Gun as Yang. Fell in love with American girl Kate Bosworth as lynne. A full pack martial action film. The Production Budget $40,000,000 produced by Emerald City Production and Distributed Relativity Media.

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Cast of Characters


        Jang Dong Gun as Yang An Asian assassin

        Kate Bosworth as Lynne

        Danny Huston as the Colonel

        Geoffrey Rush as Ron

        Tony Cox as 8-ball

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Running time: 100 minutes

Produce By: Michael Peyser – Producer of Hackers

            Ryan Kavanaugh

            Barrie Osborne – Producer of lords of the Rings

            Jooick Lee – Producer of Seven Swords

Directed by:      Sngmoo Lee

Genres: Western, Martial arts, Action Fantasy

Release Date:

The Warrior’s Way will be in Movie theaters: December 3, 2010 – Advance Screening

To watch the trailer just this link below

The warrior’s Way trailer HD

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