Thursday, December 14

Teeth Grinding: Excellent And Practical Solutions to Deal With It

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Teeth grinding is known medically as Bruxism. Teeth grinding could be caused by numerous factors, but stress seems to top the list. If your stress is leading to teeth grinding you need to request your physician or your dentist to recommend anti-stress therapy. Psychotherapy, counseling, prescription of medications and recommendations of special exercises aimed at relaxing your muscles are all options that you may be offered to deal with stress.

Teeth could get damaged by repeated grinding and the best way to protect them is by using teeth guards. These teeth guards are usually prescribed by dentists and sit over the teeth like a cap so that they do nut rub with each other while you grind your teeth.

In addition to these measures, there are numerous self help methods by which you can avoid the habit of teeth grinding. It is necessary to recognize that certain items like cola, coffee, chocolate and alcohol can aggravate your teeth grinding. So it would be prudent decision to banish such stuff from your daily diet.

Chewing gum is often a common habit, but remember that this practice can almost habituate your gums to stay clenched often. So avoid chewing any thing other than palatable stuff; which includes pencils, pens etc.

Self control and self discipline are most important measures that can help avoiding such persistent habits like teeth grinding. So whenever you catch yourself grinding your teeth, try to impose a bit of restrain. If that does not work, then try placing your tongue amidst the rows of your teeth. The pain that arises from squeezing your tongue tip will be adequate to halt further grinding and teaches your jaw muscles and your temporomandibular joint to relax. Tightened muscles respond well to external applications of warmth, so press a tepid wash cloth against your cheek before retiring to bed.

These effective but simple measures can easily help you to achieve control over your teeth grinding.


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