Monday, December 18

Modern Gadgets: Source of Some Sickness

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I call the world we live in today as” gadgets world” or “technology world”. Sounds funny but it’s true right?With so many gadgets that surround us today e.g cellphone, computers, ipods, ipads etc we cannot deny the fact that this gadgets makes our everyday life a lot easier. But, everything has it’s own price. This gadgets may help us a lot but there is also  the RISK  in using them always.

                Here are some of the risk / sickness that we could acquire in frequent used of this technology according  to the department of health:

  1. SOFT TISSUE RHEUMATISM – This can be acquired due to the frequent use of keyboards of the computer or the keypad of your cellphone.  Symptoms include numbing of the fingertips and when things that you are holding always fell down.

  2. DEAF – This can be acquired due to loud music from mp3’s, ipods, ipads, cellphones and loud concert. Our ears are sensitive. It can only stand 85 decibels of sound transfer. Decibels higher that 85 may result to ear bleeding or deafnes.

  3. EYE MALFUNCTION/ BLINDNESS – Can be acquired due to excessive glare in computers, laptops and watching tv. To avoid this relax your eyes every 30 minutes.

  4. RADIATION –  Can be transmitted in excessive used of cellphones.

  5. MUSCLE PAIN/ BACKPAIN – Can be acquired due to long hours sitting in front of the computer.

The gadgets that we used could become harmless if we know how to used them properly.

Instead of always in front of the computer or your cellphone, why don’t you try to take a walk, play with your kids on the park, prepare a hearty dinner for you love ones or simply take an exercise..

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