Wednesday, December 13

Illinois House Approves Civil Unions

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     My home state of Illinois took one step closer to the legalization of civil unions for gay couples today.  The house approved the “Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act” narrowly.  The measure now moves to the Illinois Senate where it is reported to have even more support.  Governor Pat Quinn said he would sign the bill if it is approved by both the House and Senate.

     The passing of this bill will allow gay couples to enter in to a civil union.  The term marriage is still being reserved for the bond between a man and a woman.  In my opinion, I don’t care what you call it as long as the couple receives the same legal rights.  The rights to medical decisions, property, insurance privileges, children, the ability to file joint tax returns, and on and on.  If a civil union will install these right for gay couples then I hope everyone is jumping up and down with joy! 

The Associate Press reports, at least five states already offer civil unions. A handful of others have legalized same-sex marriages. This is a HUGE step in the direction of equality in Illinois.  Today I am proud of my state.


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