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South Indian Women Make The Best Wives

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South Indian women make the best wives

You are an NRI and have just finished your post graduate degree in Mechanical engineering in an American University. Even before you collected your degree, your parents have been goading you into settling down in life, which means, to get married. You have no girl friends or fiance as of now. Though not averse to marriage, you are getting a little scared at the thought of living with a woman. A bachelor’s life has been sweet and care free. Won’t marriage take away this freedom? Yet, in your heart of hearts you feel that the best life is the life with a wife.

During your University life, you had come across quite few American girls, very smart, intelligent and smashers to look at. But you have never considered any of them as your future life partner. Now, you start viewing them from a different angle.

Jane Philomon, 23, is one of the toppers in Mechanical engineering; any employer would offer her a job. How about her as your future wife? Another part of your mind tells you, “Hey, she is too smart a girl; she has always been getting better grade than you in every subject. Charming, you have graded her. When you walk with her hand in hand, the onlookers would admire you both as a lovely pair. Someone may even say, “They are made for each other…” At this point, another inner voice whispers into your ears, “She will be a public property man and not your personal property….”

The next in the line is, Veronica, 24,a Dutch national, another intelligent being, “How will she fit into my future life. I don’t know much about the Dutch nationals – their thinking, their philosophy in life, food habits, family set up. So, she is ruled out. I am not going to adjust myself to a Dutch way of life. Hence, Veronica is out.”

Thus, you had counted out all the foreign students from different countries who studied with you. How is it, “No Indian female students had come for post graduation in the USA. You wish they were. But no.

The other day you read an article on the net under the caption, “Russian women make the best wives in the world…” The article also mentioned that most of them hold a degree in Science or engineering – highly qualified. “Should I go in for a Russian girl…?” you ask yourself. You don’t know their language and it’s doubtful if any of them would be good at English. ”How will you communicate with a Russian, dash it? How will you murmur into her ears your sweet words of love, your admiration for her, what food you love to eat etc?” You are a South Indian hailing from the city of Chennai. You can never live without iddli/dosai and sambhar. “Whereas she would serve you Russian cuisine consisting of cabbage, potatoes, bread, eggs, mushroom, cucumber, beef etc.“ The very thought and sight of these unnerve you.

That day you receive an elaborate letter from your mother and she has warned you saying, “Don’t come home towing a foreign wife. Understand? Will she obey you ? Will she go out of her way to please you in every respect? Will she make a good mother? Further, she may not like to bear a child at all. Come back to Chennai and you can pick and choose your future wife here. South Indian women make the best wives in the world…”.

Immediately followed another letter two days later wherein your mother had asked, “Will a Dutch wife or a South American wife merge with our family? With our culture? Will she agree to live within your income? Or, won’t she ask for all luxuries in life, which she is used to? Will she respect me and your father and your small brother and small sister?”

Mother’s third letter was a bombshell. “I saw today in a leading newspaper a matrimonial advertisement; some foreigners asking for Indian wives; they included Americans and Britons. They didn’t ask for highly qualified women. All they needed was a loving lady, devoted to her husband and committed to a homely life. Why?” And mother answered her own question: Because Indian women love to be No. 2 in the house and keep supporting and encouraging the husband in every aspect of life. She would never aspire for the No. 1 slot. Her primary concern would be to run a house most efficiently and convert it into a real Home pleasing her husband by doing everything as per his expectations. She is a home bird…”

A month later, the post graduate engineer returned to Chennai with a job letter in a Chennai based American company with a huge pay packet.

Sandy Rajan was received at Chennai international airport by the parents and two siblings. Sandy gave a happy smile and hug to each person. Then there was a strange face standing next to his sister Sunita. “Beautiful creature. More beautiful than any American or South American girl!” his mind echoed without his own knowledge. “Who is she?” he asked
Mean time, the young maiden edged forward, bent low and touched Sandy Rajan’s feet reverentially and said, “I am Manonmani..”

Sandy looked at his mother with a question on his lips. “Yes.” Mother nodded her head in answer to his question.


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