Monday, December 11

Top 10 Secret Projects Coming From Google (But we Know It) – List of New New Google Projects

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Do you already have a blog that respects itself does not mention Google?No, impossible, given that Google is there, Google is cool, Google is everywhere, Google smelling the hot sand, everyone loves, it’s great, we’re all friends.So what they’re going out again tomorrow morning?

  1. Google Service Minimum: bus service and metro insured for Gmail account holders.
  2. A merger / acquisition of the UN:after all is where it happens, even at the center of everything …
  3. Google MarsGoogle Earth has proven it’s time to think bigger.For what, we’ll see …
  4. Action Google to $ 10 000 in the next 12 days and a half:Since its premium $ 600 is already going ahead gaily
  5. Internet redeem and rename Googlenet: it refrains better not?
  6. Not propose that content in Google search results pages: since everything is logical to Google
  7. Become coach of the France team Football: Google selects the best RSS feed to Google Reader, it should not be much more complicated with players
  8. The Googletonique: a new dance super original or must make circles with his arms and put a Tshirt with 4 great colors
  9. GoogleLanda super fun park with WiFi for children and parents, it’s really kidding
  10. Redeem Youtube: oh no shit already.Bon ben redeem what then?Oh no you did not already bought yesterday, we will not do that two days away, otherwise it’s the end of everything.

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