Thursday, December 14

Your Own Personal Positive Affirmation.

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An affirmation is a reoccurring mental statement with emotional intensity behind it. Like a tape being played in your mind and emotions over and over. The trick is to get a positive replaying tape that helps you grow and deal with unpleasant events, rather then a negative one that undermines all the good you try and do.

Would you like your own personal affirmation that means something to you? Here are some guidelines to make your own affirmation effective for you.

1. Don’t use no more negative words.
Here is an interesting mental tick. Your brain doesn’t really “hear” the words “don’t and no and never” so the above statement is actually felt in your mind as “**** use ** more negative words” instead of something helpful like “do use positive words”.

“Eat more berries” is better then “no more sweets” which translates as “more sweets”. It’s an odd mental tick, but my affirmations became a lot more effective when I adjusted the mental wording.

2. Imagine that you already are the person your trying to change into.
If your shy, try something like. “People like me and enjoy my company.” Since they do want to hang around you, it won’t be surprising when someone listens to what your saying and wants to know more.

Build a mental image of who you want to be. When that image walks confidently into a room, follow the image. It’s already a step ahead of you. All you need to do is go along.

3. Meditate on your affirmation morning and evening.
When you get up, take a minute, sit quietly and think of your affirmation. Mine is, “What a beautiful morning. Good things will happen all around me today”. At night it’s, “What a comfortable bed. I’m going to sleep deep and awake refreshed and ready for tomorrow”.

What can I say? Every time I forget, it’s not quite as good as when I remember to do it.

4. It needs to be personal to you. “It’s only peas, just pick them up.”
I have a problem with patience so I pick up peas. I take dried peas and scatter about 50 of them around me. Then I slowly pick them up one by one. If I get impatient and feel rushed, I have to pour them out and start again. It used to be a pain. Now I just pick them up.

The real benefit to this is when I’m waiting in line or in a road rage situation. Then I tell myself.
“It’s only peas. Just pick them up.”  The phrase makes sense now doesn’t it? The only person the phrase has to make sense to is you.

5. Keep it short and simple, but full of meaning.
“No worries.”, “It’s all good.” Two common slang phrases of today. Nice and short. I’ve altered these to phrases to mean something deeper to me. Let me give you a personal example.

I worry. I worry a lot. It doesn’t really help that I worry, and it only gave me an ulcer. But you know what? There are services that will feed me. If I lose my home, I can sleep in the woods. Somewhere to go, something to eat. Actually, “I have no worries”. I need to be aware, but the summer I just spent sleeping in the woods and eating at the local food bank didn’t really hurt me one bit.

Which leads me to “all is good”. I may have not liked it, but that bad stretch helped me. I always had a fear of being homeless, but ultimately, it was all for my good. I’m much less judgemental and need fewer things in my life. It helped me redefine my priorities and help others who are starting what I just left.

I’ve repeated, “I have no worries, all is good.” over and over and over. Whenever that tape played where I started to think about all the situations and people who had wronged me and how I would have responded; When I began to feel overwhelmed by the future I would stop and say, “I have no worries, all is good.” Meaning for me, “I am fed, I have someplace to sleep, what is happening to me is good because this will expand my base of experience and give me the skills to deal with yet another difficult situation, or to be able to give useful advice to others. The universe cares for me and all is done for my good.”

We are constantly being bombarded with negative and fearful images and messages, use these 5 steps and you’ll be able to come up with some powerful, creative affirmations that will be useful to you in changing your attitude, and thereby your life, for the better.

Just remember, “I can do this.” and you will be able to do it.


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