Wednesday, December 13

2011 Predictions: Immortality And The Fountain of Youth Found And Destroyed

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1)    Actually the basis for an immortality serum was discovered in 2010.  The prediction is that the rich and powerful will destroy public knowledge about immortality and use it only on themselves.  For those who have not heard, an experiment done with rats using a substance called telomerase actually had rats going backwards in age just like that Benjamin Button character.    But don’t worry; they will manage to keep immortality from you.  Even now they are cooking up stories about how everyone misunderstood what was discovered.  And it won’t work in humans…yeah right….

2)    A jurisdiction within the United States will impose Sharia law.  A Christian will be convicted of blasphemy under that law and the Christian will be executed by decapitation.

3)    In ten bankrupt nations the bankers will be tarred, feathered and run out of the countries.  The tax protestor types will find an audience at last.  They  will tell people who were about to be ruined by creditors and thrown out of their houses that the bankers made up money out of thin air and then loaned to ordinary folks to keep them enslaved in debt through a combination of fractional reserve banking and quantitative easing.

4)    Spy vs Spy.

First they blind. 

Then they see. 

Then they confuse.

A light bomb and a sound bomb will be developed.  Initially they will be produced to wipe out the ability of any visual or audio surveillance by overwhelming sensors.  The light bomb and sound bomb will be joined by an EMP device such as was depicted in “The Matrix” and “24” to disrupt and confuse all sensors.  Each of these “coherent bombs” will be developed to go around corners, pass through cracks, and blanket and entire house.   Put one bomb is put in the attic and another in the basement and you get full coverage.  Qualities of wave weapons such as resonance, harmonics, and superposition will be used to allow the waves to penetrate the tiniest cracks and appear on the other side of solid walls or in case of sound to go through solid structures.

In the “seeing” phase of development scientists will develop electronic filters to use the three different kinds of bomb irradiation to see through walls and around corners.  The will be able to hear and see conversations at great distances from the scene.

In the “confusion” phase scientists will use the three kinds of bombs to create ghosts in the machine.  They will create people who don’t exist and conversations that never happened directly on and inside electronic recording and filtering devices.  Eventually this kind of technology will make its way to the movies wherein characters and scenes will be created out of thin air.

Although these new technologies will be compared to lasers and masers they will actually be based on a kind of coherent noise and will be produced by devices engineered at the nanoscopic level.

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