Friday, December 15

The Real Love For The Real Beauty

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I think every girl in this planet wants to be appreciated.I think in every woman’s soul, there’s this desire to be loved just the way they are. But our culture taught us that becoming perfect will qualify us to join the circle where beauty,glamour and popularity determines the measure of love a man can give to a woman.It will make her think less of herself and she is less likely to be confident of herself.

Anyone can be beautiful. It’s not on how people look at us that should draw the line. Every bit of the trust we have for ourselves stands as the basis of how much importance we credit ourselves. I call it love when the man we are so vulnerable with, choose to love us for what we are and accepts us for what we cannot be. It is not love when they want us to fit their description of what beauty is. Love is a feeling that remains when flaws are found. It is something that is treasured no matter what happens, whoever is involved and whatever is at stake. Love goes deeper and beauty should not be the basis for such thing. Love does not fade when beauty does. It remains instead of hurt. It fuels forgiveness and it leaves memories when all is over. You know you are loved when you are treated like a jewel. You know when a man loves you if he treats you with respect, if your smile completes his day and if everything you do matters to him.If he doesn’t leave you out of his thoughts and for everything that he is about to do-you know it ahead instead of having other people to tell you. A man truly loves if he is not afraid to show his weaknesses. If he is black and white about his feelings for you. And you can never tell how honest he is until he starts telling you before you find it out for yourself. If he cries in moments where you both are hurt, I can say he really loves you. Some guys find it hard to cry in front of the woman they love because they falsely believed that if they do so, they are not strong. But in showing their weaknesses it tells that the weaker they can appear, the stronger we think of them.


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