Monday, December 18

Five Holiday Gifts That Your Husband Will Hate

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Five Holiday Gifts That Your Husband Will Hate

My husband complains that Christmas has lost its spark since he became married and had kids.  He sees the magical sparkle in our children’s eyes during the holiday season as they anticipate all of the wondrous gifts they will be receiving.  He wonders why the holidays can’t bring him gifts that amaze and excite him.  Perhaps some of that is my fault.  I am the absolute authority on picking out presents that disappoint my husband.  Here are the worst five:

1. Books of wisdom for husbands:   Although I would like my husband to learn from books that tell him how to become a better husband, he doesn’t seem to agree.  When I presented him with this type of gift, I got a polite smile and nod, along with a “Hmm, this looks nice.” But I could see him cringing on the inside.  I guess if I don’t want my husband to think he doesn’t measure up, I won’t be getting him that gift again.

2. Family vacation that includes in-laws:  My husband looked genuinely excited when he opened up a travel package to Tucson, Arizona.  However, the look of joy on his face quickly faded when he realized it was going to be a whole week spent with the entire family, in-laws included.   A more acceptable getaway might be a trip for two to the Bahamas with the in-laws watching the kids.

3. Gift cards to the local mall:  Just the mention of going to the mall makes my husband recoil with disgust.  But as a wife, I believe my husband should look his best and therefore take the time to pick out some nice clothes and fashionable shoes.  So when I gave him his mall gift card, I had the best of intentions, yet all I got was sheer, unhidden disappointment. 

4. DVD collection of your husband’s favorite TV show:  Although I could watch my DVD collection of theGilmore Girls over and over again, the same rule does not apply to my husband.  I proudly presented my husband with the entire series ofTrailer Park Boys, and all he had to say was, “I’ve already seen all of these.”  

5. Edible gifts that can be shared with others:  My husband loves cashews, so I bought him the biggest bag I could find.  However, my children and in-laws also really love them, so my husband’s gift became a gift for the entire family, and they were enjoyed by all.  As we all munched on them happily, my husband sat in the corner looking less than pleased.

This holiday season you can achieve superior wife status by avoiding the pitfalls of gift-giving that I have imposed upon my husband.  Get him that gift he really wants, and forget about what you want him to want.


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