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Depression Treatment Based on Dream Analysis And Safe Therapy – Guaranteed Positive Results

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The depression treatment through dream therapy is safe because your doctor is the wise unconscious mind that produces your dreams and regulates the functioning of your body. This treatment comes from an ancient and wise mind that knows everything; it’s not a treatment based on human theories. The unconscious mind is a superior mind, far more intelligent than our limited human mind.

This is why the unconscious psychotherapy is always perfect. The unconscious mind never makes mistakes like ignorant human beings. It corrects all our mistakes, helping us develop our own intelligence. It cures our psyche, eliminating all our psychological problems forever.

If you want to have sound mental health and you don’t put off from taking the steps needed to make sure you have it, your treatment can be very short and very successful. Be prudent and eliminate your depression through dream therapy without delay. Otherwise, it can become a lifelong neurosis or worse.

Study the dream language for a while and soon you’ll be able to understand the meaning of all dreams. The dream scenes are very confusing for you because you cannot understand their logic. You give to the dream images the same meaning you give to these images in your awaken life. However, this is a big mistake. The meaning of the dream images is totally different from the meaning that the same images have in our daily life. Dreams are symbols similar to a code. You must learn to decipher that dream code, the same way as enemies send messages in code during wartime and the allies figure out and decipher the code.

After learning the meaning of the dream symbols according to the scientific method of dream interpretation, you’ll verify that everything in a dream makes sense. A single dream image gives you information about many things at the same time. Images speak faster than words, showing you everything that needs your attention.

The generous unconscious mind sends you many dreams about the person you love, and many vivid dreams when you are having a difficult time. It gives you precise information about all the matters that are worrying you now. It also shows you the future development of reality, preparing you for successfully overcoming all obstacles. Many dream predictions help you prevent future problems. You feel constantly supported.

When you recognize the most important dream symbols in a dream, you immediately understand its basic meaning. An analytical translation will help you more, but you already understand the most important messages contained in a dream if you can recognize the basic dream symbols.

Your depression will be eliminated as you understand your psychological world, and as you solve your daily problems. The unconscious psychotherapy assists you in a practical way, helping you find solutions for all the problems that are torturing you. Therefore, you won’t have to accept what makes you suffer; you’ll have the power to transform your situation and improve your mental state.

You should take advantage of this alternative to traditional psychotherapy. I worked very hard for two decades in order to provide you with the simplest method of dream translation you could ever find. In order to do so, I had to cure many people through dream therapy without delaying like Carl Jung did. I also had to continue his research, discovering the roots of human absurdity. This is why my translations are very clear, and not complicated like his.

Instead of facing frustrations without finding resolution, learn how to understand the messages of your natural doctor: the wise and saintly unconscious mind. The unconscious treatment is far superior from all available treatments; it is absolutely safe, its positive results are guaranteed, and it’s totally free.



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