Sunday, December 17

Hitlerism Sweeping America Disguised As Tea Party

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     For the past two years a controlled rage has been enveloping the country. Protests against President Obama’s political policies have risen to pitch level.

     Angry Americans have been rallying around a newly formed group that calls itself The Tea Party who says it’s objective is to “take America back” from President Obama and those politicians they feel are changing the basic philosophy of how America is supposed to be governed.

     The Tea Party was formed during the 2008 presidential campaign when some disgruntled Republicans who were upset that their party seemed to be drifting away from it’s founding principles, decided there was a need to start a movement to bring their party and the country back to it’s senses.

     The movement started slowly but picked up steam when the Republican Party amped up it’s personal attacks of then candidate, Barack Obama, when it was decided that he would be the Democratic nominee for President.

     Sarah Palin in particular, stoked the fires of the Tea Party with her suggestive, personal attacks of Obama among other things, stating that he was someone who “paled (supposed to be the verb version of “pal” but I don’t know how to spell it because I don’t believe it’s a real word. So I guess it’s a Sarahism) around with domestic terrorists.”

     A very serious and defamatory statement.

     Tea Party followers latched on to such negative depictions and also came up with a few of their own.

     It was not long after this image introduction by Ms. Palin that signs with Barack Obama with a Hitler mustache began to show up at Tea Party rallies.

    The rhetoric also started taking on a different tone. One filled with venomous hate and seemingly personal disgust toward Mr. Obama.

     Other signs calling him a Muslim (which is actually more of an expression of racial prejudice toward Middle Easterners than it is toward Mr. Obama) began to surface along with ones telling him to “go back to Africa” and other distasteful racially charged commentary.

     And although they did not join in with the rhetoric John McCain and Sarah Palin said nothing that indicated that they were not in agreement with what was being said until at one Republican town hall meeting when a woman stated that she heard Mr. Obama was a Muslim, John McCain in a long-overdue defense of his opponent told the woman that Obama was an American and a “decent man.”

     But the damage had already been done.

     By the time of the 2008 presidential election the hate-filled rhetoric was at fever pitch.

     Although Barack Obama won, it was apparent that the wall of opposition that had been brewing along the presidential campaign trail was going to follow him right into the Oval Office.

     After assuming the presidency in 2009, President Obama immediately found himself up against a mountain of problems left by the previous administration and another mountain of opposition calling itself The Tea Party.

     From day one, President Obama was fighting for every legislative victory and the Tea Party along with Republicans were making it as hard as possible for him to get anything accomplished.

     During the president’s campaign to get health care reform instituted, Democratic town hall meetings organized to explain the health care bill were bombarded by yelling, screaming, disruptive Tea Party members and advocates. Their mission: disrupt and derail.

     Although it didn’t work, Tea Party leadership still thought they had made an impact for the movement and America, which only served to ratchet up the disparaging rhetoric.

     The angry rants. The screaming. And the frenzied atmosphere that surrounds the Tea Party movement is reminiscent of another era in time whose dark images haunt the world to this day.

     Nazi Germany.

    The atmosphere that is frequently seen at Tea Party rallies is eerily similar to the grainy 1930’s film clips of Adolf Hitler whipping his German followers into a frenzied, fanatical, bordering on out-of-control state.

     Those images, even now, send chills up your spine. And it appears those images have been colorized to fit 21st century America’s camera.

     Hitler’s hatred for all who were not blond-haired and blue-eyed was spewed out in a hate-filled, maniacal fashion very similar to what Tea Party rally organizers do today.

     The irony in all of this is many Tea Party rallies display signs with President Obama with a Hitler mustache.


     Could it be that true Tea Party enthusiasts see themselves like Hitler? Ridding the planet of despicable individuals who are “imperfect”, the wrong ethnicity or ‘not like me?”

     The rhetoric and the appearance sure match.

     During the 19th century in America another group who made no bones about identifying with Hitler’s Nazi Germany philosophy, was organized called the Ku Klux Klan.

     They adopted the mantra, the look, the rhetoric and the Nazi swastika in an overt display of their allegiance to the principles and philosophies of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi movement.

     The Tea Party for all intent and purpose, bears a striking resemblence to both of these other organizations.

     I cannot say with any certainty if the Tea Party holds allegiances to Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime but I can say if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck… all likelihood it’s a duck.


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