Monday, December 18

Top Reasons to Take a Temporary Job

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Here are the top reasons to take a temporary job.

  • Taking a temporary job can be a source of income while you’re searching for your next gig.

  • A temporary job could turn into a full-time job, if you’re a good fit for the position and if the company needs a person full-time. In fact, some companies do most or all of their hiring through staffing agencies, so it could be the only way to get into those companies.

  • By taking a temporary job, you can avoid gaps on your resume. Seeing large gaps on resumes can be questionable to some employers, but by holding temporary jobs between permanent jobs, you’ll send the message that you continue to work hard – even without a full-time job.

  • Temporary jobs also can be a way to test out a new field if you’ve been thinking of a career change. You’ll have the ability to use that temporary time to discover whether that career path is right for you, or if it’s not a good match.
  • You’ll network and meet a lot of new people in a temporary position that may be able to discover a full-time job opportunity, or give you an awesome recommendation.

So don’t dismiss temporary jobs while performing your job search—they may be the way to your next full-time position!

Have you taken on a temporary job that’s turned full-time? What tips do you have for those in temporary positions to show a potential employer that they’re worth keeping? Comment below!

I hope this has been extremely helpful for you all. Remember that you are the one who invests in your future. Make the right decision. 


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