Monday, December 18

Treat Your Car Better And It'll Serve You The Best Way it Can

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Got an old car?

How many times have you broken down on the side of the road and end up cursing your car?

Now think again, when was the last time you had a car maintenance? How do you drive your car?

Cars are nothing but metal on top of wheels with a few mechanical parts to make it run. It is inanimate and thus can not take care of itself. You, as the owner, have to do it.

So here are some tips on how to treat your car better:

1. Drive carefully – Be a responsible driver. Remember that a car is a rolling weapon. Always drive with the safety of others in mind. Make sure your brake system is working proerly.

2. Check your suspension system – whether it is a new or old car, the suspension system takes a beating and eventually will wear out. You can prevent this quick deterioration by driving carefully. Avoid pot holes, and other irregularities on the road as much as you can. Check your suspension system every month.

3. Tune up – This is something you can do every weekend. Check your timing, check for leaks, check your fluid levels. A car can not get up and replenish itself if fluids are low.

4. Clean your car – A dirty car is an unhappy car. So take the time out to wash your car regularly. You can do it twice a week or daily if you want, just remember too much washing can wear your paint out. Remove unnecessary things inside your car, they just add weight to the car.

These are just basic tips. When you take care of your car, it takes care of you too.


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