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Weight Lifting Programs

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Weight Lifting Programs: Why They Should Be Part of Your Fitness Program

    When it comes to setting goals for weight loss, some people believe that all that is important to achieve their goals is to do cardio exercises. This simply is not the case, a well balance workout program will include some sort of weight lifting routine in addition to a consistent cardio.

Why Are Weight Lifting Programs So Important

    The simple fact of the matter is that weight training will raise your heart rate which will in turn force your body to burn calories.

    There are a lot of very important long term benefits that weight training will provide, having more muscle on your body will increase your metabolism. A higher metabolism means your body will burn more calories. Gaining muscle will make your body need more energy, and it will get this energy by burning calories.

    Some of the other important benefits that a well thought out weight lifting program are that you will change the way your body looks, which will always be for the better in this situation. Also regular weight lifting will strengthen your bone which will make your body much less susceptible for injury.

Weight Lifting Program You Can Use

    When it comes down to choosing the right weight lifting program for you, just remember that anything you do more than usual will be for the better. The more weight training you do better, as long as you ensure that you give your body enough time to recover after your workout. Try to start with two days of strength training workouts per week, when this becomes easy to achieve, add another day or increase your workouts intensity. It is equally important that you work out all of your major muscle groups with complex movements like squats, lunges, bench press, or dead lifts. Some other great ways to build muscle include using resistance bands or doing yoga.

How Long Should You Exercise For?

    When doing any weight training program you should always shoot for a feeling of exhaustion before calling it quits. By the end of your workout what ever body part you are working on should feel a pump, like the muscle is getting bigger. Try to push yourself until you feel that you cannot achieve anymore sets.

Combining Weight Training With Cardio Exercise

    If weight loss is your main goal you will need to have a balance workout routine. Push five days of cardio and at least three days of strength. On each day of weight training work on a different muscle group. Maybe do upper body the first day, do lower body the second day, and either yoga or some form of total body workout. No matter what exercises you perform make sure to STRETCH both before and after your work out to insure that you don’t injure your body.

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