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Extreme Diets

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Extreme Diets Are Not The Way To lose Weight

If you are planning on starting a new diet any time soon, be careful on what route you take. Some people will fall into the mind set that the best way to lose weight is with one of the many extreme diets available these days. These kinds of diets may be tempting due to the claims that celebrities make about using them with so much success. In all actuality this is rarely the case and most of the time you will see them put the weight back on just as fast as they lost it.

What’s Wrong With Extreme Diets

There are so many things that are wrong with extreme diets that it is a bit overwhelming that so many people turn to them for weight loss. The best route for weight loss is to eat a well balanced diet. Our body needs proper nutrition to function at its maximum potential day in and day out. Most of the time these extreme diets will deem one food type to be bad for your body and claim that you will lose weight if you completely cut it out. When you deprive your body of the proper nutrition, you put yourself at risk of  decreased energy levels, constipation and minimal weight loss. Some other common side effects that extreme diets contribute to are headaches, bad breath, increased gas build up, body odor, muscle loss, and difficulty concentrating. There is a good chance that when you use an extreme diet, you put your body at risk of more serious damage to your heart, liver, kidneys, and muscles. A good idea before starting any of these extreme diets is to consult a physician and get there professional opinion.

Among the worst of these extreme diets are those that advocate drastic calorie reduction to the point that your body will for sure go into starvation mode. This is a great way to get none of the results that you wish to have from starting your diet. It is proven that when your body goes into starvation mode, that it will hold onto as many calories as possible in order to have energy when you don’t eat enough. So anything that you do eat will be stored as fat. These extreme diets will do nothing good for your body and will be sure to have results that are less than desired.

How Should We Be Losing Weight

The best way to go about weight loss is to setup a well-balanced diet, and stick with it. Among the easiest foods to assume are harmful to your body are fast foods, candy, and soft drinks. When trying to lose weight DO NOT eat any fast food, as they are loaded with tons of sodium and preservatives that are just bad for your body. Soft drinks are usually better at dehydrating you than providing your body with any sort of useful water content. The most important weight loss tip is to drink plenty of water. If your thirsty drink a glass of water. If you drank 3 pops a day that would be near 600 calories of useless nutrition. Replace all soft drinks with water and you will not only feel better, you will start to lose weight faster than ever before.
Following extreme diets are a sure fire way to put your health at risk, and you will be much more prone to put any weight you lose back on after your diet is over.

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