How to Live Longer

Numerous longevity studies keep coming up with the same results. There are many things you can do to increase your longevity. Most centenarians have many things in common.

SOCIAL RELATIONSHIPS – People that live more than 100 years have a strong set of social relationships. They are not sent to old age homes but still live in their own homes or with their relatives. Some of them still work each day or play a vital role volunteering for their community.   Keeping the relationships strong with your loved ones is very important.  A good social group made up of close friends is better than a large one.

LET IT GO – Centenarians do not hold on to bad feelings. They let things roll of their back so to speak. They do not hold grudges. And most importantly they forgive.   Cleanse your mind of the evils of your past.
VEGETARIANS – Studies have shown that some people that live the longest, live in vegetarian communities. Eat healthy and it will help in the long run.
DRINK GREEN TEA – Scientist don’t even know all of the wonderful properties of green tea yet. It seems to help the body burn calories, prevents diseases and boosts your immune system.   It helps to keep you feeling full and helps.
DO FOR OTHERS – Another common trait among centenarians is their good deeds. Volunteering or helping others in a variety of different ways throughout their lifetimes.   Keeping yourself busy by giving to others is great for you and your recipient.

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