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Addiction is a huge problem for some sectors of our society. It diminished the quality of life for those who are addicted and those that live with or around them. There is this one addiction problem in my neighborhood that I still remembered. I used to live in this neighborhood and there is this one lady that has severe drugs problems. She use to walk over to my neighborhood to visit her friends. She would see me working sometimes on my car and then she would come over and ask me for all the free stuff in my car. I had a whole bunch of stuff and I gave it away to her.

One time I had a really nice skateboard for my brother and I couldn’t give it out to her son even though he keep asking for it. He had one but it was very rugged and old. I felt so bad for him but it was for my brother. I had a surf board and he wanted it so badly but I had always needed and wanted one and I couldn’t give it to him. I did give her a bunch of clothing but it looks like she would get anything that she could. I felt really bad for the little boy but the mom just wouldn’t give up on her habit.

She lives right down the block from me and I saw her several times later. She was walking behind the shopping center begging for money while she was very intoxicated with something. She came up to me and beg for some money but didn’t realized that she talked to me before. She doesn’t remember who I am. I guess all that drugs is making her forgetful. She says that she and her kid are hungry and needed some grocery money. I felt bad and gave her some but then she came back with a pack of cigarettes. I was really mad because she says she needed money for food but she bought cigarettes with it.

She then came back and started bothering other people for money too. She forgot that I just gave her some money like 30 minutes earlier she came up and repeats the same excuse as to why she needs some money. I told her that I gave her some just a little bit ago and I don’t have any more on me. She then just left but doesn’t even recognize me. She started begging other people for money and they gave her some. She then went back to her house and got into a large fight with the man that she was living with. They yell and scream and you can hear it distance away. It was about money as well. I could have guess.

How could you have any money if you have a drug habit? I have seen her legs before and they have needle scars all over and that’s why she wore jeans all the time. She says she couldn’t wear short as she lifted the pants for me to see. It was sad to look at her scars. There is nothing fun about drugs but she would chose it over her kid and her life. I wonder when she will ever get better and her son is already like 12. I don’t think it hit her yet. I hope that she does recover one day. How about her kid? He is suffering every single day. He should be able to have a foster home but I guess social service doesn’t even know about it.

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