Planning a Thanksgiving Dinner

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Begin by deciding on what type of dinner you will serve, buffet or sit down.  Early at around noon, afternoon at around 3:00 pm or evening at around 6:00 pm.  Then plan on your meal, what you will be serving and to how many people you have invited.   Exam- If you are having a large group I would plan on an early or afternoon dinner.  The evening meal should be ten or less people. 

Invite your guest with plenty of time either by phone, mail or as I do, go to and create your own invitations.  If you get asked can guest contribute, don’t be afraid to say yes.  Have them help with deserts or setting out the meal. 

Plan what you will serve.  Waiting until the last minute can prove disastrous.  Don’t assume everyone likes turkey have an alternative meat.  Or if you and your guest are vegetarians serve an alternative meat substitute.

Thanksgiving is usually a time for family and friends to get together so do just that. Allow time for your quest to mingle and catch up or just have fun.  If your guest have children with them plan on activities for them. A walk in the park or a field trip so that the adults can mingle.

When I was growing up it was not a surprise to have twenty to thirty people at my mother’s house and it always turned out great.  Your family is important so welcome them with open arms and enjoy your Thanksgiving Day.


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