They way I Started Earning Passive Income

Affiliate Programs*

As an affiliate you pre-sell another company’s products. The Main company takes care of the product shipping and customer service gives you a commission for each sale. When looking for affiliate programs look for ones that offer large commissions and track the clients for long period of time lifetime commissions. Also look for programs that offer multi tier sales. If someone who joins the program under you makes a sale you should earn a commission..Advertising Commissions are also good! If you have a website that brings in thousands of visitors you can earn an income by selling ad space for a monthly fee. For Example

Create Your Own Product* You can earn a recurring income by creating an information how to Ebook, audio or video product. All these are easy to create and have little up front fees. Whats amazing is that you can work at home and they will put it in your paypal or send you a check.

Google Adsense* Place Google Adsense on your site each time someone clicks on an ad you earn a commission. The more traffic you generate the more you’ll make.Also E-books.You can write a free Ebook and place affiliate links in it. If you need more information on Adsense checkout my Blog.

When trying to make money online there is one thing you need to understand, your cash flow is going to start out slow. You won’t automatically be making hundreds or thousands of dollars in one night, or even one month, it takes time for it to really set off; this is why you need motivation and devotion, and most importantly.. patience.

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