2011- Fantasy Baseball -Keeper Rankings- (Top 20)

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1- Albert Pujols, 1b Cardinals (31) On the wrong side of 30, I still don’t expect any drop off anytime soon

2- Miguel Cabrera, 1b Tigers (27) Miggy has been consistent since he arrived in Florida, now he is one of the best in the game

3- Hanley Ramirez, SS Marlins (27) The most reliable player at a slim position

4- Robinson Cano, 2b Yankees (28) Look for more of the same from Cano, the best second basemen in the game

5- Ryan Braun, OF Brewers (27) Consistency is his only issue

6- Evan Longoria, 3b Rays (25) The best third basemen in baseball and he won’t enter his prime for another year or two…………….scary

7- Joey Votto, 1b Reds (27) I always knew Votto could hit for a high average, he grew into a power hitter quicker than I expected

8- David Wright, 3b Mets (28) Wright bounced back very well from a sub par 2009 season

9- Carl Crawford, OF Free Agent (29) Crawford should put up similar numbers no matter where he lands

10- Felix Hernandez, SP Mariners (24) At 24, King Felix looks poised for a huge career

11- Troy Tulowitzki, SS Rockies (26) If Tulo can stay healthy, he could challenge HanRam for the top SS spot

12- Adam Wainwright, SP Cardinals (29) Consistently spectacular

13- Matt Kemp, OF Dodgers (26) Hopefully 2010 was just growing pains

14- Justin Upton, OF Diamondbacks (23) I can’t believe the Dbacks are shopping this guy

15-  Roy Halladay, SP Phillies (33) The most dominant pitcher in the NL, age has to be a concern

16- Mark Teixeira, 1b Yankees (30) 2010 was a bit of a down year for Tex, look for a very strong rebound

17- Joe Mauer, C Twins (27) Okay, so we shouldn’t expect 20 homers every year, dang, I guess his owners have to settle for JUST an annual batting title contender

18- Carlos Gonzalez, OF Rockies (25) It will be interesting to see how CarGo follows up his breakout year

19- Tim Lincecum, SP Giants (26) 3 seasons, 2 Cy Young awards and a great post season that led the Giants to their first title in 56 years, I think that is a pretty good start to a career

20- Chase Utley, 2b Phillies (32) If he can stay healthy, Utley can still produce great numbers


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