Being Your Own Financial Planner

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Start Planning a list or spreadsheet*

Start a list of all your financial expenses. Gather all your Home Finances, Car Insurance. Schools and so on. You need to take account of everything and come to your final number. If you live by a budget then becoming a financial planner will be easier than your think. Make sure that you also account for everyday expenses also.

Compare Income to Expenses* Take note of all your total income. This is your yearly pay or income. Budget all Expenses and make sure that you are not spending more than your brining in every month. It helps if you pay all your bills on time cause that should build your  credit report. This will make it easier to get Loans or good deals in such a new Car. But before all of that you must calculate all expenses after you pay a yearly tax. Its not hard so save money if you have a higher income every year.

Analyze all total information*

Take an estimate of what your future might consist of. I mean, are you going to college? If so, that is going to cost money. Do you want or own a house? Thats also more expenses. When you are your own financial planner keep in mind that its going to take some time to calculate everything. You just have to get use to managing your own money

  • If you have having a problem being a financial planner you can always outsource the idea.
  • Financial planners can work for credit unions, banks and companies that specialize in offering financial advice. But many financial planners work for themselves.
  • Take note all everything closely

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