How to Understand Your Credit Report

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Your credit report can be looked at annually for free. Just looking at your credit report is not enough. You have to understand what you are looking at and what it means. Getting access to your credit report online is the first step, after that, you will need to go over all the information to make sure that everything is correct and that everything on your credit history is really yours. This is just one way to protect yourself from identity theft.

The first thing you will need is your free credit report. You can get this report yearly at There are a series of questions you have to answer before you receive your credit report. Be prepared with your answers. Some question may ask about a job you had in a certain year or what type of vehicle you drove in a given year. After you answer the questions correctly, you are allowed access to the three major credit reporting agencies.

The first thing to look at is your personal information. This includes your name, social security number, marital status and your address and place of employment. This information should be correct. If it is not correct, contact the appropriate credit agency to correct any wrong information. Check over all the information as far back as your credit report goes. May sure every job is correct and addresses lived at.

Next, check all of the debts owed and paid in full. Check the length of the credit cards and loans. Make sure that there are no any companies reporting that you do not really have in your name. Make sure that the companies are reporting the payments correct. Some companies may record late payments when you were never late with the payment. This section will have all debts in your name as far back as twenty or more years. If you see something on your credit report such as a bankruptcy or a judgment that is not satisfied and removed from your credit history, contact the reporting credit agency to have it corrected.

After you have viewed and printed your credit report, keep your TransUnion password for the next year. They do remember you having a password and you will need it again.


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