Protect Thier Innocense

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I hear voices


mommy is gasping for air

daddy’s hand around her neck

while little Sarah sits and stares

emotions run wild

when little girls

gets their first file

another helpless girl

left alone without a smile

corners become the norm

when youre waiting for a new mom

to take you home

memories drift away

and pictures fade

when mommy’s gone

no more cookies when I’m sick

no more kisses on my lip

no more hearing daddy say

your my princes every day

just tears that no one wipes

and nightmares late at night

no more good night kisses

and lullibies

even smiles have left my sight

I must be the reason

that daddy beat on mommy

I must be the reason

I’m just a little dummy

These are the voices of children who have been left without a home or a family.  We have children all around us reaching out for someone to grab thier hand.  These children feel unloved, abused, and scarred who will show them love.  Who will teach them what it means to smile all over again.  Who will make this Christmas the best Christmas they ever had.  “Who will make a childs next birthday mean something again to them.  These children want to hear they are beutiful, smart and special with no one to tell them this what will become of their innocense?  What if your child was Sarah in this poem how would you feel? We need to decide today that we will protect thier innocense.


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