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Mylot is very informative global paid forum. Here, member can get paid for knowledgeable post; you cannot copy and paste anything, which is very good to prevent the spams.

Whenever I have any question, I just go to mylot and post my question in the discussion. Members with good expertise in the related topic field will answer your questions. This will help to earn both who post question and who replies your question. Mylot pays 1c per qualified post. Your post should be more than two lines and should be informative.

Minimum payout is $10 through PayPal.

There are more than 20 categories to post. You could use mylot as a social paid website and for fun too.

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1) You can backlink to your webpage or website through mylot. Thus you will get more traffic to your Website.

2) Each 2-3-line post will earns you money.

3) Mylot accept members from all over the world.

4) You can make friends of the similar interest.

5) One can builds his/her downline or can get referral through their HTML or profile Sortie.

6) You will earn 25% from your referrals.


1) Knowledge of English Language is must. It is OK if you are not good at fancy writing but you should know Basic English.

2) 1cent per post is little low but it is an easy to earn 30-50c through post because there are various interesting discussions on the board where you can post your views. It is just paid to like chat.

3) Only one account per household is allowed. So if you have 4 adults in your home then everybody have to use same account. It is just like if four adults use same Facebook account! This is little annoying to me because of privacy concerns.

How Do You Get Backlinks to Your website or get referral through Mylot?

To get backlinks to your Website or getting referral is very easy through mylot.Here, is step by step procedure to create Backlinks for your website.

1) Login to your Mylot account.

2) Upper Left side, there is “preferences”, click on that, there you have to post your webpage or website URL, articles link or referral links.

3) If you are member of more than one website, then also you can post your referral links, banners etc in HTML Sortie.

To post your referral links or Banners:

1) Login to your Mylot account.

2) Upper Left Side- there is “Profile”, click on “profile”.

3) Click on orange button “edit profile”.

4) Now you will see on the right side there is “HTML Sortie” and box. Paste your HTML code in the box and click on “save changes”. Now you are done. You can post as many as banners you want.

My Experience: Last week, I posted my article’s link in my profile and I took actively part in the discussion and added some member as a friend, you do not believe that I got 25-30 views/day. Because whenever you post replies to the discussion, other mylotters will check your profile and first they will visit your webpage. Moreover, you can PM your friends too. You can PM your referral links, send message about your new post of your Website.

Happy Earning with Mylot

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