How to Make More Money Writing with Oboulo

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Oboulo is a content provider type of site that allows its Publishers to submit in articles, essays, presentations, sample resumes, standard contracts, book reviews, case studies and more. The topics can vary and include technology, history, science, literature and more.

The site allows for the Publisher to make $10 for each published content, and with the special Ambassador’s code you will be able to make $15 per published content piece instead of the $10 per item. Keep in mind that this site does sell some educational projects however this does come down to the decision of the Publisher of what type of content they would like to sell on the site.

Another way of way of earning money on the site is to refer your friends, family and colleagues to the site, as you will earn $10.00 for each published content they submit. So this is a good way to earn extra money on any content that you have sitting there collecting dust.

The site is open internationally so you are able to make money everywhere you go. To get started in earning money with Oboulo. follow these simple step to get started:

  1. Completely sign up for an account at

  2. When ready to publish your content enter in the Ambassador number: 356d53 in order to make $15 per submitted document.

  3. Refer others to the site as this will help you to earn $10 per published document your referrals have made.


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