Fantasy Baseball Third Base Rankings For 2011

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1- Evan Longoria, Rays (25)

2- David Wright, Mets (28)

3- Ryan Zimmerman, Nationals (26)

4- Alex Rodriguez, Yankees (35)

5- Michael Young, Rangers (34)

6- Adrian Beltre, Free Agent (31)

7- Aramis Ramirez, Cubs (32)

8- Jose Bautista, Blue Jays (30)

9- Casey McGehee, Brewers (28)

10- Martin Prado, Braves (27)

11- Pablo Sandoval, Giants (24)

12- Mark Reynolds, Diamondbacks (27)

13- Pedro Alvarez, Pirates (24)

14- Ian Stewart, Rockies (25)

15- Josh Bell, Orioles (24)

Well, the changing of the guard, at the hot corner, is now official. Welcome to the Evan Longoria era at third base. Longo is the top guy at a position that still remains deep. With players like Wright and Zimmerman, a tier behind, in their prime, the question now becomes how far will Arod fall in most drafts? Honestly, I don’t think it should be too far. While I would not expect more than 150 games (at best) from him, going forward, he still hits cleanup in a descent (maybe over-rated) lineup and a hitter friendly park. I would still expect near 30 homers and 100 rbi from him, which is very strong. After Arod, there are questions. Can Bautista sustain the success he had in 2010? How much longer will Michael Young be Mr. Reliable? How will a new contract impact Adrian Beltre’s level of play? Does Aram have anything left? Will guys like Prado, Alvarez, Stewart and Bell break through to the next level? What happened to the “Kung Fu Panda?”

However, I don’t think this is a position that owners should sweat too much. There is plenty of talent available and, if you miss on the top four, there has to be somebody that you are comfortable plugging in most days. In my opinion, I would expect a significant drop off from Bautista and McGehee. Prado is pretty much the player we saw last year and I would not anticipate much change in his numbers. I think Sandoval and Ramirez will be much better than they were last year. Reynolds and Beltre, I have to say- buyer beware. I think the young guys at the back of my rankings have a lot of talent but it will take time for them to adjust to major league level pitching. While I would anticipate a lot of streakiness, they will definitely provide a lot from a fantasy standpoint. They also provide a very bright future for a very deep position.


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