Computers Make You Tired

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Computer is most important thing that you need in life now.  All job or document needs a computer. So you will be sitting around 5-7 hours per day sitting in front of your computer. I’m sure you will be tired when you at home. Why? This is the effect by you taking so much time looking at in front of computer. Your eyes and your mind for sure will be tired. Cause your eyes focusing around 2-3 hours looking at monitor.  The mind is always at thinking process to send a signal to hand for you type on the keyboard.

Here some of tips to prevent you getting tired while staying more that 5 hours in front to computer.

  • Drink plenty of water. At least 1 liter per day. Better bring plain water from your home. Keep one bottle for plain water to use for whole day while you in office.
  • Take regular brakes every 30 minutes throughout the day. Allow your eyes and your mind to relax and breath, even a short day-dream can help.
  • A short walk outside can help boost energy and the brake from concentration can refresh your mind and eyes.
  • Use an LCD screen which operates at a lower voltage and has less strain on your eyes. So CRT monitor give you the high voltage and would affected your eyes.
  • Sit at least 30 inches away from your screen to prevent eye strain. Do not sit too close to your monitor.
  • Work in diffused light to prevent glare. Do not work without any light. Without light the risk for your eyes will be increase.
  • Splash your face with cold water. It would make you feel fresh.

Article By : Chuckiesd.


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