How to Breed Canary Bird

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Canary is a small bird which has beautiful song. Some people breed this nice bird to produce a canary with beautiful and load song. They crossbreed the genuine canary with other finch to produce good canary. If you want this nice bird, you can follow these steps:

1. Select a pair of canary. Sexing canary is quite difficult. You need to ask the expert about the sexing. You can breed the bird in a group. The bird will find the pair.

2. Provide the house for the bird. You can provide a small cage for a pair of bird. If you want breed multiply pair, you should provide large cage.

3. Provide a nest for the hen. You can use dried weed for the nest or you can buy the nest at pet shop. Use soft goat hair for the nest if you have it.

4. Provide food for the couple canary, such as seed, fruit, vegetables, and others. The hen needs more calcium. You can feed your bird with cuttlefish bone, mineral block, and grit. The lack of mineral can fail the breeding. Canary also likes soft boiled egg. You can give slice of boiled eggs. Some breeder suggests vitamin E or little sugar for the bird.

Notice: Mate canary is very difficult because they are solitaire bird. You should mate the bird when they are young.


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