How to Breed Zebra Finch

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Zebra Finch is a beautiful finch from Australia. This bird is easy to breed and prolific. It can start to breed at the age three months. The hen lays two to five eggs. If you want breed the bird you can follow these steps.

1. Select the male and the female of Zebra Finch. The Sexing of Zebra finch is not difficult. The zebra male has more beautiful color than the female. The male has red triangle sign in the cheek, while, the female has orange sign in the cheek.

2. Buy a cage for a pair oz Zebra finch. A small bird cage 16x16x20 is enough for a pair of Zebra Finch. Do not forget to put the nest for the bird. You can also breed the bird in a group or multiple pairs. You need a large cage for multiply pair of zebra finches.

3. Be sure you provides the bird food and drink food. Zebra Finch likes seed and grain. Some breeder gives the bird egg shield crunch for the bird.

4. The bird will lay on the nest. Both parents will hatch the bird alternately. The eggs will hatch in 14 days or two weeks. Both parents will care the chick until the chick leave the nest or 21 days.

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