2011 Fantasy Baseball Second Base Rankings

1-Robinson Cano, Yankees (28)

2- Dustin Pedroia, Red Sox (27)

3- Chase Utley, Phillies (32)

4- Ian Kinsler, Rangers (28)

5- Rickie Weeks, Brewers (28)

6- Martin Prado, Braves (27)

7- Dan Uggla, Marlins (31)

8- Brandon Phillips, Reds (29)

9- Chone Figgins, Mariners (32)

10-Brian Roberts, Orioles (33)

11-Kelly Johnson, Diamondbacks (29)

12- Ben Zobrist, Rays (29)

13- Aaron Hill, Blue Jays (29)

14-Gordon Beckham, White Sox (24)

15- Howie Kendrick, Angels (27)

While there is only one first round talent, there is enough solid talent at second base to go around most leagues. In 2010 Cano separated himself from the competition at second base, thanks in part to big injuries to players like Utley, Pedroia, and Kinsler. I look for Pedroia and Kinsler to come back strong from down years and, while I expect some decline, Utley should put up another strong season as well. 

After the top four, it is a bit of a gamble from the rest of the pack. Weeks, Prado, Uggla and Johnson are all coming off career years and it is certainly worth noting that most of them should struggle to put up the same numbers again. With Weeks, I would worry about injury. With Prado, I still need to see if he is a guy who can approach 20 homers consistently. I don’t believe that Uggla can be expected to hit north of 270 again. Johnson just looks like a guy who’s numbers could drop across the board.

Aside from Beckham and possibly Kendrick, the rest of the guys are pretty much as advertised.Ben Zobrist and Aaron Hill won’t have the same luck they did in 2010 again, however, they will also not get the luck that they had in 2009 either. Roberts and Figgins are both beyond their prime but should both offer descent average and good stolen base numbers. Phillips, although he will only be 29 next year, just feels older than he is. 

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