Saturday, December 16

2011 Fantasy Baseball First Base Rankings

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1- Albert Pujols, Cardinals, (31)

2- Miguel Cabrera, Tigers (27)

3- Joey Votto, Reds (27)

4- Adrian Gonzalez, Padres (28)

5- Kevin Youkolis, Red Sox (32)

6- Prince Fielder, Brewers (26)

7- Kendry Morales, Angels (27)

8- Mark Teixeira, Yankees (30)

9- Ryan Howard, Phillies (31)

10- Justin Morneau, Twins (29)

11- Adam Dunn, Free Agent (31)

12- Billy Butler, Royals (24)

13- Gaby Sanchez, Marlins (27)

14- Buster Posey, Giants (24)

15-Derrek Lee, Free Agent (35)

Another strong year for first basemen in fantasy baseball will see the top three go in the first round of most drafts. Even if you miss, or pass, on them you should still be able to land a very strong option within the first five rounds of the draft. While many of the first basemen appear to be on the back side of their prime, their are plenty of guys that are either just entering their prime or close to it. Kendry Morales, Prince Fielder (a top 10 pick just last year), Billy Butler, Buster Posey and Billy Butler are all either just entering their prime or still a year or two away. Of that group, I think Morales, Butler and Sanchez could really blossom next year. Morales has the most star potential of the group.

Players like Teixeira, Youkolis, Howard, Morneau and Lee all appear to be past their prime yet they still offer solid numbers and should give you good production in 2011. Adrian Gonzalez, again, is the one to watch for a potential off season move. His name seems to always be linked to the Red Sox and, whenever he finally escapes Petco, his value could soar. 

Posey and Youkolis both bring multi-position eligibility which boosts their value. While Posey does not offer his best value at first base he could still contribute good production if you somehow end up with another top level catcher. Youkolis is a solid play at either corner infield position and, despite being in Boston, remains a very under-appreciated fantasy commodity. 


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