2011 Fantasy Baseball Catcher Rankings

1- Joe Mauer, Twins (27) 

2- Victor Martinez, Free Agent (32)

3- Buster Posey, Giants (24)

4- Brian McCann, Braves (27)

5- Miguel Montero, Diamondbacks (27)

6- Carlos Santana, Indians (24)

7- Kurt Suzuki, Athletics (27)

8- Geovany Soto, Cubs (28)

9- Mike Napoli, Angels (29) 

10- John Buck, Free Agent (30)

11- Matt Wieters, Orioles (24)

12- Carlos Ruiz, Phillies (32)

13- Jorge Posada, Yankees (39)

14- Jesus Montero, Yankees (21)

15- Ryan Doumit, Pirates (30)

While the catcher position is not as thin as it once was, there are still not enough every day guys to go around. After Carlos Santana, there is a huge drop off and the remainder of the players all come with many question marks. While you can get power numbers from guys like Napoli and Buck, you will give up a lot of average. You can get a descent average from guys like Suzuki or Ruiz, they won’t give you a lot in other categories. Matt Weiters is still the guy to watch on this list, the former number one hitting prospect has yet to produce in the majors. He is still very young and has the potential to have a break through season. Geovany Soto had a good bounce back year in 2010 but off season surgery and rehab is something to watch.

Within the top 5, there is a significant drop after Mauer and the real race will be for the second slot where Brian McCann and Miguel Montero, both entering their age 27 seasons, will battle an older Victor Martinez and young phenoms Carlos Santana and Buster Posey. If you can land any of those five players, you should feel comfortable. Posey and V-Mart are the only two that I would look to for a plus average while the other three should all contribute good averages with more power. It is also important to watch where V-Mart lands in free agency, if he leaves Boston, he could fall from second to fifth in my rankings. One rumor has him going to Detroit which would hurt his 2010 value.

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