Super Fast Review of Pride & Glory

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I love Ed Norton, he is an adaptable passionate actor who can be sensitive one minute and down right scary the next (see American History X). Colin Farrell is a man who can range from the sublime to the ridiculous but more often hits the mark than not. The legend (is that a fair tag?) that is John Voight never fails to please in my opinion. So when I saw all three were starring in the new NYC cop thriller, Pride & Glory I found it hard to not be excited. Let me make this quick:

  • There are good cops (Norton, Voight) and bad cops (Farrell)
  • Some are related to each other
  • The bad ones are corrupt and stealing drug money
  • The good cops investigate…
  • You get the picture yeah?

Nothing new there I hear you say? Well you are wrong. This movie excels in many a way. Cinematically it is grand with superb use of handi cam to give a real edge to the violent scenes (there are plenty) and helps you feel up closr and personal to the characters. The atmosphere created in the film is amazing and adds so much to the story. This movie makes you feel for the families of cops and helps you to appreciate what they have to be strong enough to deal with. The plot is fairly slick and flows well, you very quickly form opinions about the characters and begin to either love them or hate them. It all sounds rather flowery so far but believe me this is a brutal movie with some explicit violence. There is one scene that will make you wince and I actually witnessed people leaving the theatre as it played out it’s horrific scenes. Acting wise I cannot fault any of the main characters and the film features a very accomplished supporting cast.

Go and see this movie and think hard about it once you have.

My Rating – 7/10


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