How to Prevent Cat Torturers in Your City

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Cats found near dead in California, Cat put in Microwave by teens in Alberta, 50 Cats missing in small area in Birmingham.  Most serial killers admitted they started off by getting “Free to Good Home” pets and torturing them before moving on to people.  Why do people hurt. or kill, cats intentionally?

1  Some children are not taught to respect other living creatures, some are taught a total disrespect.  A person might kill a fly in their home, but there is no reason to tell kids to squish bugs when they are in the park.  Yet some parents do this, and allow the children to feel joy for killing those bugs.  It is important if you kill a bug (or mouse) in your home you place the joy on the fact it is no longer a pest in the house, rather than placing the joy on the fact you killed it.  Children are sponges, what we show them is what they learn.  Small thrills from killing bugs in some case illicit a need to get more thrills by killing bigger things. If you see your child causing pain to an animal you must deal with it immediately and explain why it is wrong.  Animals feel pain in much the same way we do.  Young children’s minds do not work the same as ours – to the extreme some kids may grow up to explore animal abuse.

Better cat owners will not create an air of hatred towards cats.  Sometimes people do not hate cats, but as other neighbours let their cats roam aound uncontrolled a person might come to despise them after constantly finding they are using the garden for a litter box.  So if you do not want to turn your neighbour into somebody who hates cats, simply contain your pet in your house or yard.  It is not uncommon for neighbours to steal cats and dump them in the country, or poison them.  What is interesting here is that the person is hating the cat, but they should be hating the owner for allowing the cat out onto their property. 

Better cat owners also keep their cat safe so it cannot become another statistic.  There are many ways of letting cats outdoors but keeping them safe, such as leash training it, fencing your yard with a cat fence, or building the cat a cat enclosure

4  Changing laws is a big thing that many people thing will help, while I agree laws against animal abuse are important, they ultimately chancing laws will not stop abuse.   We have laws against things like rape and murder, but those crimes still occur.  Laws to encourage people to be better owners will help. 

An important note about stray cats.  Often the cats who are killed or tortured are the friendly (easy to catch) house pets, but the ones who are causing the problems are usually the stray and feral cats.  Stray and feral cats are hard to catch, and more active at night.  If you see a stray or feral cat, you can contact your local animal shelter or veterinarian about renting or borrowing a cat trap.  By removing these offending cats from the neighbourhood, you will greatly reduce the levels of anger which will be directed at your cat, because that is the cat who is seen the most.  If you do catch a stray or feral cat it should be taken to your local animal control facility. 

Final note: If you own cats, be sure to have them spayed or neutered before they go outside.  This will reduce their wandering, and most importantly they will not contribute to the unwanted cat population thus being more of a problem. 

As such we have learned there are several contributing factors to this problem.  One is how we raise our children, and other is how we raise our cats. 


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