Save Money by Sealing Windows

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Energy bills are a pain in everyone’s neck. My energy bills were getting horrible, they kept going up all the time and I could never seem to figure out why. I went to my local library and checked out a book to help me out, it was the best thing I ever did. The simple tips and steps did me wonders for my budget, plus, they were easy jobs to do.

You may be wondering how sealing windows with weatherstrips can help reduce your monthly bill, it’s actually very simple, by sealing the windows or replacing old strips, you are blocking air from going in and out. Thus, saving you a little extra each month.

  • First you have to clean the surfaces of each window. This is good for when it’s time for you to install the tape. You can wash them with water, wipe with alcohol, and let the surfaces dry. Test the alcohol on a small area first to make sure it doesn’t damage a natural-wood finish. You’ll need to wash the channels that the window travels in, as well as the back of the rail that holds the lock, the top of the upper sash, and the bottom of the lower sash.
  • Begin to apply the weather strips to the top of the window. Lowering the sash gives you access to its top rail. Cut a strip to the length of the rail, and fold it in half along the pre-scored line. Remove the backing from the self-stick adhesive, and press the weather stripping to the top of the the top rail.
  • Once you’ve done that, weather strip the bottom of the bottom window. Raise the lower sash and attach a strip to the underside of its bottom rail.
  • Now weather strip the middle rail. Cut a strip for the middle of the window, attaching it to the face of the upper sash’s lock rail so that it will be compressed when the window is closed. In this case, the point of the V should face up, to make operating the window easier.
  • Finally, weather strip the sides of the window. Cut a strip 3 or 4 inches longer than the height of the window opening. Slide the bottom sash all the way up, and stick the V-strip in the channel normally occupied by the closed window. Repeat on the other side of the window; then lower both windows and put V-strip in the channels that hold the upper sash. If there is a sash rope or chain with counterweights, install the V-strip in the channels that hold the upper sash. If there is a sash rope or chain with counterweights, install the V-strip somewhere in the channel where it won’t interfere.

If you do this to all the windows in your house on a regular 5 month basis, then you will definitely see a decrease in your energy bills and an increase in your budget.

There are so many other ways like this to do the same thing, almost all of them are simple and low cost. Do some research and you’ll be able to find things you can do yourself.


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