Amazingly Unique Nesting, Mating And Hatching Behavior of Birds

Her are a few chosen species of birds that have unusual way of courting, mating, nesting and even hatching. .

1. Social Weaver Bird


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Some birds are like human beings. Social weaver birds are found from central to southern Africa. Up to 300 pairs of birds build a communal nest of straw and things with separate nesting compartments. The nest is up to 10 ft or 3 m high and 15 ft or 4.5 m in diameter.

2. Brush Turkey


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Some birds don’t have to sit on their eggs in order to hatch. Brush turkey of Australia builds a mound-shaped nest of refuse, earth and decaying vegetation. The eggs are hatched by the heat generated by the decay process.

3. American Cowbird and European Cuckoo



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Here is an example of a lazy bird. American cowbirds and European cuckoo birds do not make nests of their own. Instead, they lay eggs secretly in the nest of another bird. The eggs are hatched and raised by unsuspecting foster parents and often the rightful young are crowded out of the nest by the larger baby cowbirds or cuckoos. Some birds build a new nest on top of one that is found to have cowbird or cuckoo eggs in it.

4. Chat


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Some birds make impressive moves to win the heart of the one they love. During the mating season, the male perform aerial gymnastics accompanied by a mixture of whistles, trots and ducks.

5. Frigate


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The male has an unusual courtship display. He inflates his bright-red throat to attract a mate. A rough nest is constructed in low trees or on the ground on remote islands. A single egg is laid each breeding season. The duration of parental care in frigatebirds is the longest of any bird. Both parents take turns feeding for the first three months but then only the mother feeds the young for another eight months. It takes so long to rear a chick that frigatebirds cannot breed every year.

6. Bower Bird


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Bowerbirds of New Guinea are unique. They build an enclosure, or bower, decorated with leaves, flowers and other materials. The male display his feathers and dances near the bower to win the watching female.

7. Male Prairie Chicken


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The male prairie chicken inflates large yellow air sac on either side of his head, making a loud booming sound. As he gives his serenade, he performs a dance to attract a female.

8. Osprey or Fish Hawk


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Osprey’s nest of large heaps of stick and debris are built in treetops or on cliff edges and are reused for years.

9. Grebes & Coots


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Most birds build their nests on trees. Grebes, coots and rails are unique; they make floating nests of reeds and rushes.


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10. Auk and Guillemot


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These birds lay their eggs on a rock or the edge of a cliff without building a nest. Their eggs are designed not to roll when disturbed


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11. Hummingbird


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Hummingbirds are one of the most unique birds in many ways. Hummingbirds build nest of spider webs.

12. Hornbill

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Hornbill is a large bird of tropical Africa and southeastern Asia. An unusual characteristic of this bird aside from eating snake, at nesting time, the male seals the female and her eggs in a hole in a tree. The male leaves a small opening through which he regurgitates food for the female. The female emerge after the young have hatched.

13. Ostrich


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Ostrich share responsibility in hatching their eggs. The female ostrich take turns sitting on the eggs during day. The male sits on the eggs at night.

14. Tailorbird


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Tailorbird sews the edges of growing leaves together with grass.

15. Elf Owl


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The elf owl, which is the world’s smallest owl, of the southwestern US makes its nest in a hollow cactus.

16. Cassowary


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The eggs of female cassowary are incubated mainly by the male.

17. Honey-guide or Guide Bird


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Another type of lazy bird who doesn’t make its own nest is the honey-guide bird. The female honey-guide bird deposits her eggs in the nest of other birds, the young of which are killed by the honey-guide chicks.

18. Boobies and Gannets


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These birds have an unusual way of hatching their eggs. Boobies and gannets hatch their eggs by standing on them, warming them with their webbed feet.


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19. Penguins

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Like the boobies and gannets, penguins have a unique method of hatching. They hatch their eggs by putting them on top of their feet, where they are covered by a special fold of skin on the underside of the belly.

20. Kingbird


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Kingbirds are territorial. They hate trespassers and they are very brave. Kingbirds attack birds as large as hawks when their territories and nest are threatened.

21. Asiatic Swift Bird


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This bird makes its nest almost entirely out of saliva which then hardens; it is this nest to make bird’s-nest soup. The edible bird’s nest is among the most expensive animal products consumed by humans. An Asiatic swift can also sleep and mate on their wings.

22. Woodpecker


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In mating season the males drum with their beaks on hollow trees and limbs and even metal roofs and television antennas. The sound can be heard as far as 2 mi (3 km) away. They dig their nest on dead trees horizontally for a short distance, then downward for 12 in (30 cm) or more.

23. House Wren


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House wren usually nests about houses, under eaves, in holes in trees, or in nest boxes. It is a fierce competitor for nest sites and will throw out the nest, young, and eggs of other birds in its territory. They are busy builders, often dismantling and rebuilding the same nest several times.

These are just some of the many unusual behaviors of birds. Hope you did enjoy.

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