Save Money on Groceries

Imagine if you will, a monthly spending plan that has a decent budget amount for groceries and you still end up below budget. This can happen. All you have to do is pull out your budget chart (or whatever you keep track of it on), and figure out what you can cut back on. No, thats not the only thing, but it does help.

Try to find as many coupons that have to do with what you need to buy. Coupons are the biggest way to save on groceries. If you have a Kroger plus card (or your local grocery store discount card), most grocery stores will track what you normally purchase and send you coupons pertaining to your average buy. Make sure you put the coupons where you are going to be able to find them fast and easily, mainly, you want to remember where you’ve put them.

There is a website called that you can sign up for free and trade coupons with people online. They give you a list of the coupons they have and what they need, all you have to do is search for what you need and somebody is most likely to have it. Also, do the same and write what you have and what you need and somebody will respond.

Okay, other than coupons, sometimes certain grocery stores don’t have everything you need. This is why when you start to make a grocery list, make two. Make the lists as if you’ve just walked into the store and your going down isle 1, whatever you need in isle 1 should be listed first. If you don’t remember all these specific details about your grocery store, try to start paying some attention to it. It will save you lots of time. Since you are making a second list for the products you can’t find at your main store, sort through all the coupons and see which supermarket has a better deal going on.

This may seem crazy, but it has saved me and almost all of my family money on groceries. When you sit down to determine the isle’s, coupons and which products are where.. you tend to get more things on your list-thus, you won’t have to go back as often. It makes you think harder.

If you follow these simple tips, then you’ll definitely save money on your monthly spending plan and still have all the groceries you need. It’s worked for me, my mom and my sister.

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