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If you are trying to get the prospect on your list to buy a product or a service from your website then you need to know how to effectively treat the email you are sending to him.

The email should be treated as a third party in this case. This means that you are stepping aside and allowing the email to do the explaining for you.

The email should have enough information for your prospect and at the same time you should be careful about not over doing it. Here is a perfect example of ‘over doing it’: The other day I stumbled across a random website on internet marketing that shared some very interesting information, so I signed up for his mailing list. However when I received my first email from this guy, it took me about 10 minutes to read his entire email. This is way to long. It started off by saying: “Before I get started with sharing some valuable information and this amazing new product I have, I first need to take care of some admin stuff…bla bla bla…!”

Who cares about the admin stuff? Get to the point!

When you are directing your prospect to the product or service on your website – take them straight to the page where the product and service are. The prospect should not have to navigate through your site to find the product or service.

Now sometimes I am asked about follow-up emails – Should you send follow up emails to your own personal list? This is a tough question. If you are a small business and you are looking to get your name out there then you need to be very careful about this. People will find it very annoying if you keep on emailing them. Therefore I recommend the following: send out your weekly or monthly email, when you have something big going on – a new product, program etc.. then send out at least one or two follow up emails. Let your list know that this is a really huge thing that could help them and they cant miss out.

Always offer coupons or some kind of sales to get your prospects to buy from you.

A great way to improve your email marketing campaign is to simply see what the other successful people in your industry are doing.


Here is what I do:

I created a separate email account and signed up for many different mailing lists. Once the emails started coming in – I then check to see which ones got me to click on a link and which ones made me delete them.

So like I said earlier – when the email had to much so called ‘information’ – it got deleted.

I found myself clicking on links in emails that had graphics within them. A great example for this is the mailing list.

Btw – An email marketing company that I have read many positive reviews about them is check them out.

When an email had to many graphics – it got deleted.

Another isssue that made me upset is when people mislead me.For example: On the sign up mailing list form of some sites it said: ” Sign up and get weekly free marketing tips..”, However I found my self getting weekly advertisements to join their programs or to buy a product. The moment you start misleading – people will not want to do business with you.

Another issue is what I call: The silly marketing tips emails. You sign up to a mailing list thats supposed to share weekly marketing tips. Instead you get these silly weekly marketing tips like:”Create a Facebook profile””Make a video and upload it to Youtube” “Put a sticker with your business name on your car”

C’mon people…these tips are old! If you are in the information business – sometimes to you do need to share some of your ‘valuable’ secrets.

Remember: your goal is to get repeat business from your list – so treat them well!


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