Amazing Butterflies!

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Butterflies are one of God’s most glorious creatures.

They spread their wings and fly high into the sky.

Sometimes they give us the pleasure of being near them.

But as soon as you try to catch them, away they will fly, oh so high.

I”m intrigued by their colors, red, yellow, black, brown and grey.

It gives me a feeling of amusement, whenever I happen to see one coming my way.

They seem to pick up my spirit.

And all of my burdens quickly dissolve away.

Also I’m amused by the transitional process that takes place.

It’s so amazing how something as ugly as a caterpillar can turn into something so marvelously great!

Their wings are so tender,

Their bodies are lightweight.

Fly away goes the butterfly.

Better look quickly or else it will be too late.

How often we forget about the marvels of our universe.

We tend to take for granted those things that are smaller than us.

But even the ants have a purpose as they crawl around in the dirt.

Gathering food for their young and preparing for the cold winter months.

We should take a lesson from the ants as the good word teaches.

Wisdom says be prepared for uncertain times that are sure to come upon us.

Great is our universe

And greater still is every thing that has been created.

We are all gloriously and marvelously made.

So rejoice in this day, for this is the day that the Lord has made.

Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Sing, dance and jump, as high as you can .

Let us be like the butterfly

Spreading our wings,

Lifting our voices and giving praise unto the Lord throughout the land!


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