What Your Doodles Reveal about You!

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Have you noticed that whenever you’re on the telephone, talking to your friends, if there’s a pen nearby, invariably you will start doodling?  And did you know that your doodles can tell you a lot about yourself?  It is said that doodles are rather like a Freudian slip (of the pen); they are symbols that come from our subconscious.  This, if you remember from our previous articles, is also where our dreams come from.

Normally, when we doodle, we stick to similar patterns.  You will probably notice, if you flick through your telephone notepad, that the same symbols or patterns crop up repeatedly.  So, what do these say about you?

Size of Doodles 

First of all, let’s talk about the size of your doodles.  Large doodles that take up a lot of space are said to be drawn by people who are quite introverted in nature.  Someone with a reserved personality who perhaps would like to be more sociable.  Small doodles at the side of the paper signify someone who has a neat and organised personality.  Someone who dislikes wastage and who has a place for everything and everything in its place!

Flowers in Doodles

Flowers and leaves are a common doodle and these have a feminine quality suggesting someone who is starting to become aware of their true personality and once this comes out into the open, they will bloom. 

Squares, boxes and complicated three dimensional figures are more masculine in quality although of course, they can be drawn by women, and these types of doodles suggest someone who is practical, organised and methodical in their thinking.

Trees in Doodles

If you find yourself drawing trees, this could indicate that something or someone from the past is on your mind.  There will be a need for security and a desire to be protected.  If your tree is surrounded by flowers, then this is indication of a feeling of happiness;  the kind of feeling you get when within the bosom of your family.

Very heavy pressure is a sign of anxiety or apprehension.  The lighter the pressure, the more relaxed you are.


Houses can represent many things depending on the way they are drawn.  – Why not draw a one now, before you read any further, and then see if the description below fits your doodle.

If, for instance, yours is plain with no curtains at the windows, no smoke coming from the chimney and nothing surrounding it, then this could suggest that you’re feeling lonely and in need of someone to talk to.  Perhaps there is a lot of emotion deep inside you and yet no way to convey this.  Maybe you find it difficult to demonstrate your feelings and it could be that if you open up, spill out whatever it is inside you, then you’ll feel so much better about life in general.  Remember, if there’s no one close to you just now, you can call a psychic friend.

If yours is a big sprawling house, more like a mansion, then there’s a strong sense of family and a need for security within your close relationships in order to feel truly content.  You’re probably quite materialistic too and you do like your little luxuries!

Tall thin houses suggest a critical way of thinking.  You perhaps aren’t very flexible in nature and maybe you’d benefit through showing a more open-minded view towards the world.

If your house has a steeple, then it could be that you’re feeling a little sensitive at the moment.  Maybe there are things going on in your life that have been difficult to understand and you just need someone to talk to.  You have strong feelings and they’ll never go away, but eventually, you will learn how to control them.

Houses in Doodles

Houses with a garden show again, that desire for protection and security.  In your relationships, you may be a little suspicious. – Try to give those around you a little more independence and new levels of understanding will surely emerge.

The more windows there are in your house, the more open and sociable is your personality.  You enjoy talking and reading and you have a curious mind.  It’s likely you will also enjoy travel.

Symbolism is what is read when people do dream-analysis and doodling is just another example of how your hidden thoughts and feelings can express themselves in symbolic forms.


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