Free 25GB Online Storage

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Step One
Know what SkyDrive is. It is a free service offered by Microsoft that has the following features:
* 25 GB of free online storage
* Available in 6 more regions and 13 more languages
* Download entire folders as Zip files (limited release)
* Gorgeous online slide show for your photos

Step Two
To use this service, go to the following website:

Step Three
If you have a live id (a email address and password, or a email address and password) then you can sign right in using those.

Step Four

liveid_Thumb.jpgico_Enlarge.gifClick to enlarge
If you do not have a Live ID, click on the sign up link as shown in the picture. Then log in using this new Live ID you just got.

Step Five
Once you have logged into SkyDrive, you can upload the files on your computer in to SkyDrive (upto 25GB) and enjoy all the extra storage space!


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