Real Web Site Statistics – Operating Systems

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These statistics are from one of my web sites, a technical site giving factual information for students, engineers, industry and the like. Visitors each month are from over 120 countries and the Acorn demographics show the majority of visitors are in the A, AB groups.

The site showed 488,262 page views in January and a million plus hits, though hits really mean nothing when compared to unique visitor and page view data as each page contains many items to upload, sometimes 30 or more, and each item is counted as a hit.

Web site stats are very comprehensive and can supply the owner with a lot of valuable information on how the visitor is using your web site.

Armed with such information as the type of operating system used, the type of web browser, the resolution of their monitor and how long they stay reading each page and other data, the web designer can tune his site to meet their needs. However, until your web site is popular it is hard to gain sufficient data to make a decision. Hence my submission of my data to help others.

Windows continues to be the dominant OS with MacOS holding steady this month and a small increase in the use of Linux. Mobile phones and PDAs using the Symbian OS are on the increase. Newcomers like the Nintendo Wii are joining the ranks alongside the Sony PlayStation Portable to be used more to surf the Internet and not just to play games.

Other articles in this series are stats for Internet browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox and my visitor’s Country and which Search Engine used.

Below is a table of all the OS used by visitors to the site in January 2009.



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