How to Take Pulse

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Step One Bring your left hand to your front, with the palm facing up.

Step Two  Press the tip of the first two or three fingers of your right hand right below your left wrist as shown in the picture. Use light to moderate pressure.

Step Three Move your fingers around until you can feel a pulse (a throbbing). Try right below the thumbs, and between the wrist tendon and the bone. If you still cannot find it, just let go and try again in a few minutes.

Step Four Using a clock or stopwatch, count how many times you feel your pulse in one minute. This is your heart beat per minute.

Step Five In addition to counting how many times your heart beats every minute, also take note of the rhythm and regularity. Is the heart beating regularly? Are you dropping beats? Are some beats weaker than others? Is the rhythm chaotic? A yes to any of the above questions may indicate heart troubles, and you should consult a physician immediately.


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